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Wine and Food, Wine Pairing

There's a close and unmistakable bond between foods and drinks originating in the early cultures. Though some might not devote enough time and effort to create a real aroma symphony of the different ingredients and beverages, this tradition managed to live on among those who consider cuisine a divine art and eating a real special event. Instead of randomly picking wines for various desserts and main meals it is more important to dive into the profound and precious knowledge of matching the right types of wine with the intense and appetizing flavors. Preparing the perfect wine and food ensemble is crucial to crown the menu with a delicious experience.

Washing down the food is not our main purpose therefore the following articles will provide everyone who is interested in wine art with the most useful secrets on how to pair wines with different dishes. People who are seeking a soft and smooth experience will go for the guaranteed combination as white meat and white wine. On the other hand those who are keen to explore the limits of wines and contrasting flavors will experiment with the more intense and taste-challenging pairs. Using our basic senses will be the ultimate compass to find the perfect option from the multitude of white and red wines. Wine and food go hand in hand, mutually complementing and polishing each other.


Wine and Food

How to Pair Wine With Food

Professionals are intrigued to offer the most simple and comprehensible advice and information on how to prepare for a special event or create an enchanting dinner with all the important details as wine and food. Undoubtedly the infinite selection of wines might lead us into confusion. Acidity, vintage and alcohol level are only some of the complex and specialized terms that can give us many headaches. However here are some of the most commonly accepted and applied principles that will help you make the best choice.

Wine and Meat Color: White meat with white wine, red meat with red wine. As simple as that, this is one of the ancient principles that can be applied when choosing the best type of wine for a certain main meal.

Though it might seem monotonous those who are reluctant to devote more time and effort to their selection might find it the perfect solution. On the contrary those who are eager to experiment might go beyond this general rule and try some delightful combination of Riesling and beef, which might actually work perfectly.

Light and Heavy: It is a common tendency that the quality of the food and the intensive or less shocking aroma combination determine the selection of wines. As a tradition white wine is associated with the light and smooth menu while the red wine with the heavier and more intensive flavors. Those who are planning an indulgent dish as beef should consider choosing a delicious red wine while for a small dinner or dessert opt rather for a soft white wine as Sauvignon Blanc.

Acidity: This is one of the most important qualities to have in mind when choosing the ideal wine and food pairs. Though it is not a 'craved into rock' rule still choose wines preferably from the same area or culture where the food actually originates. It won't be hard with pasta and a delicious Barolo or Foie Gras paired with an enchanting Brugundy. Indeed in the case of more exotic dishes we might face difficulties, however wine is one of the main beverages produced almost all over the world. In fact acidity is determined by the soil and the climate, therefore it is important to look for the perfect option in the ideal places.

Sweets; Pairing wine with sweets might sound really challenging. Not only desserts but also sweet tasting main dishes might seem impossible to complement with a certain type of wine. However the masters of taste have a solution for everything. The best method to bring out the best of the taste of the wine is to pair the chocolate or sweet dish with a dry wine. Riesling can be an all time choice for the perfect ensemble. Furthermore there are several dessert wines that are sweeter than the actual dessert, consuming them with these treats is the best way both to enhance the aromas of the dessert as well as to accentuate the flavors of the wine. Sauternes as well as port are some of the most popular choices.

Deviating from the ancient matching and basic rules might be tricky still the door is open for creative and unique taste combination that might revolutionize the old-time pairings. Ease your task by skimming through some basic principles that will lead you through the fascinating process of creating a smashing pairing of popular and high quality wines and delicious dishes.

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