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White Wines and Tasting Wine

White wines crown an indulgent and appetizing menu especially when chosen with care and refined taste. Contrary to misconceptions this type of wine enjoys the same tremendous popularity as the red one. One of the distinctive qualities is however its neat color and clarity. The majority of wines are prepared of light colored grapes, however the skins and seeds might give a special tint when included in the fermentation process. The nature of the occasion as well as the taste composition of various dishes will determine your choice. The golden color roots in the mingling of different varieties of grapes of a light color. Often wine producers eliminate all the additional details as the skin and stems in order to use only the pure juice to create a delicious white wine.

  It is also a well-known fact that the tannin level in the case of white wines is also lower. Consequently as opposed to red wines this beverage won't leave our mouth with a sour and extremely intensive taste. Instead the experience will be smooth and pleasant especially when paired with a delightful dessert or a fabulous main meal. Those who long for an easy and soft aperitif should consider opting for white wines as Chardonnay, Muscat or Riesling.


White WineThe fresh and light aroma of the wine allows is to be paired with a mild appetizer or a small meal as rather than a festive dinner or lunch. Instead of looking for an intense and profound tasting experience be prepared for a more relaxed and enchanting impression. Serving the great varietals of white wine in narrow glasses will further enhance and accentuate the essence.

Remember the labels might deceive you, therefore it is highly recommended to enrich your knowledge and skills in wine art. One of the best methods to find your way out of the white wine labyrinth is to learn more about the most important white wine varietals that are available in the industry.

Chardonnay: As one of the most popular and less demanding wine Chardonnay is produced in the various spots of the world. From Australia to the US as well as the most prominent consumer and producer country, France, all areas are able to provide the Pinot grapes with the essential conditions to both growth and fermentation.

Chardonnay can be distinguished by its mild lemon as well as pear and often vanilla taste. The vintage as well as the method of production will determine both the main and undertones.

Riesling: The cool climate is a 'must have' condition in order to enhance the successful production of Riesling grapes. Priding itself with a long tradition originating from Germany, this type of white wine also enjoys huge popularity in the wineries of France as well as US, Chile and even Australia. Wobbling between the sweet and dry, Rieslings can take many shapes as being one of the most appreciated dessert wines, lining up a multitude of apricot, rose petal as well as berry aromas.

Pinot Blanc: This type of white wine shares several qualities with Chardonnay, especially when it comes of color. However Pinot Blanc manages to distinguish itself with the slightly vanilla as well as apple and also almond flavor. Produced with prominence in areas as France, Argentina as well as Germany, this white wine can be consumed earlier after production as opposed to Chardonnay, since it bares the same taste cavalcade in the first phases as in the last ones.

Sauvignon Blanc: The distinctive aroma as well as smell rises this white wine varietal above the others. Grass, melon as well as oak and grapefruits are only some of the signature aromas of Sauvignon Blanc. Produced in the US, New Zealand and certainly France, these grapes are also well-known by the name of Sancerre as well as Fume Blanc. Similarly to Rieslings these won't necessitate years or even decades until the tannin blends into the undertones, those who are fond of white wines can opt for Sauvignon Blanc not long after its production.

Specialized wine cellars as well as stores will provide you with a wide range of white wines. From the popular and well-known to the most delicious and A-list wines, you'll be able to taste them all, and pick the one that best suits your sophisticated taste as well as the event you prepare for. Skim through our wine guide in order to follow the basic guidelines of choosing the best white wine.

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