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Red Wine and Wine Tasting

The color of the wine as well as vintage, and process or production can determine its classification. Red wine as the name reveals is produced of red or black grapes that give the different ruby red, deep violet or in cases black shade of the drink. Despite the fact that the majority of grapes won't have a similar sophisticated and dark color, another significant technique still can add a similar tone to the juice. In this particular case the skin, seeds and even stems are mixed with the grapes which in a miraculous fusion will stain the wine and tint it to a perfectly enchanting red color. Fermentation is the main phenomenon that determines the process of production.

  Tannin is another influential factor that can have an impact on both taste and shade of the wine. The profound and intensive aroma is given by this agent which slowly blends with the fruit or spice undertones as well as that of the grape and create the signature taste of the particular wine. Time will have a beneficial effect on this process since this is the key element that would allow the tannin to mingle and harmonize with the main tones. Professional wine specialists will highly recommend the pairing of red wine with a delicious menu. Cheese is one of the main ingredients that would complement that of the wine. Those who are keen to include a miraculous glass of wine into their meal will discover the muted taste and finesse of this beverage.


Red WineCertainly you encountered some of the most appreciated and sought-after wines both in specialized stores and eventually in wineries. Indeed it is not enough to be familiarized with the names when you have the chance to expand your knowledge with the help of a detailed wine guide. These are some of the most prominent red wines available on the market for the great wine lovers

Pinot Noir: One of the most respected and worshiped red wine variety that is produced in countries as: France, Italy as well as Greece. The cultivation of these grapes requires special conditions therefore producers might face several difficulties.

Merlot: Often associated with France and especially the Bordeaux region, Merlot has a lower tannin level and is smooth and softer than the rest of red wine varieties. Produced also in Australia, Italy as well as South America.

Cabernet Sauvignon: As one of the most commonly cultivated grape that serves as the main ingredient of delicious red wines Cabernet Sauvignon doesn't necessitates a specialized treatment. Benefiting from a world-wide popularity these grape varieties are held to be the kings of red wines.

Barolo: Produced from the respected and sassy Nebbiolo grape this wine often requires a more sophisticated handling. Consequently its cultivation is limited almost completely to the Northwest of Italy. The intensive aroma guarantees the unmistakable experience it offers to the public.

Serving red wine is not as simple as it might seem. The shape and size of the glasses can determine the quality of tasting. Those who wish to secure the proper conditions for a professional tasting should pour the wine into an egg-shaped glass that narrows towards the top and allows everyone to smell the aromas. These are of central importance if you are eager to bring out the best of a high quality wine.

Creating the proper atmosphere for the serving and storing of these beverages is a duty when you entered the realm of wines. Flash your rich knowledge of red wine basics by following the proper and textbook style rituals that can crown the taste and experience of having a glass of heavenly potion.

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